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Quarterdeck Restaurants

Adding +3600 new e-mail addresses each month translated into highly improved loyalty campaigns and greater brand visibility.

With 6 popular beach bar and grill locations in South Florida, Quarterdeck is a Florida staple when it comes to great tasting seafood, steaks and ribs in an open atmosphere. Their brand is rooted in the belief that “customers don’t just eat [in their restaurant]; they hang out”. This being said, making a “personal connection with customers” is their mission. That attitude is reflected in every aspect of their design, featuring old marine equipment‚ surfboards‚ framed photos of customers and their families‚ and huge saltwater fish tanks that make you feel like you are in a family home.


In hopes to extend the customer experience beyond the bar and grill locations, Quarterdeck’s founder decided to build a loyalty list and start an e-newsletter. Initially, they were relying on staff and guests to fill out comment cards, which quickly proved very unsuccessful. Paper comment cards are great if the staff consistently promotes them and the guests have the desire to fill them out. However, the success of this system was not what the Quarterdeck’s management team had hoped for.


It was only fitting that Quarterdeck’s rich customer experience was enhanced with the benefits of Link WiFi. Now, guests were able to connect to Link WiFi by entering their email address or social media logins one time, since Link WiFi will remember the guests login credentials every time they visit. Link WiFi was installed in all of Quarterdeck’s locations, and our instant offer email option promised to take care of the nurturing aspect of marketing, improving campaign’s reach and increasing open rate.


Quarterdeck’s purposeful approach to every detail of the customer experience with the addition of Link WiFi for guests is paying off significantly. In the first month, each of the 6 locations averaged 600 new email addresses that are being used by their marketing department to include in a growing list of e-newsletter recipients. In addition, Link WiFi allows Quarterdeck to keep track of returning customers and make targeted email lists to loyal fans.


Link WiFi has come about as “the easiest way to get in contact with people”, proving a valuable asset to BurgerFi marketing efforts.

With multiple locations in the Sunshine State, BurgerFi offers an unique gourmet experience that despises industrialized fast food models, offering better-quality ingredients and more cooking to order compared to traditional hamburger chains. Every item is hand-prepared by gourmet chefs in their gourmet kitchen, using the freshest ingredients to achieve a great-tasting hamburger for maximum enjoyment every single time.


Mike Parisi, marketing director of NDM hospitality, the company that operates four BurgerFi South Florida locations, came up with a Father’s Day special this past June, 2015. He was seeking to attract more families looking to take dad out to celebrate his special day.


Mr. Parisi made use of BurgerFi email list building opportunities through our Link WiFi system by exporting the list of visitors at these four BurgerFi locations prior to Father’s Day. An email went out inviting BurgerFi fans to redeem an offer at any of the four locations on Father’s Day by showing their email to one of the servers.


Over 50 families redeemed the deal, increasing Father’s Day attendance and revenue, thanks to Link Wifi’s email list building tool. In the words of Mr. Parisi, Link’s WiFi is “the easiest way to get in contact with people”, proving to be a valuable asset to BurgerFi marketing efforts. “We were pleased with the success we had in the past promoting our charity and fundraising events with Link’s WiFi. This time around, we were able to get the BurgerFi brand in front of our customers’ options by retargeting them in an unobtrusive way” Mr. Parisi added.

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